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Artist Biography (English)


 Akiko Tanimoto's works are based on the concept of "Breath-n-Brush," expressing the breath of the body on Japanese paper using "sumi" ink and a brush.


Akiko realized the importance of understanding traditional culture through her experience as a language teacher teaching Japanese language and culture to foreign businessperson.

One day, she happened to come across an art book by Tohun Kobayashi, which attracted her to sumi-e.

She started to paint a wide range of sumi-e works under his guidance in 2002, and when she met yoga at Sun & Moon YOGA (Studio in Tokyo), she sublimated her work into a collaborative expression of sumi-e and yoga.


After seeing Akiko's work, Leza Lowitz, a yoga instructor and founder of Sun & Moon YOGA, asked Akiko to illustrate his poetry collection “Yoga Heart: Lines on the Six Perfections” (2010) for publication. This led to her debut as an artist.


The publication of "Yoga Heart (2010)" encouraged people to want to see more of Akiko's work, and in February 2013, her first solo exhibition "Breath-n-Brush" was held at PARADA in Kichijoji, Tokyo. Since then, She has held solo exhibitions in New York, Ginza, Nasu, and other cities.


Akiko's expression is to capture the beautiful moment that life reveals through the body. This is a means of sharing with others the moment when Akiko's own heart is moved. The simple but powerful trajectory of the ink and brush, which resonates with the breath of the subject of the work and her own breath, stimulates the imagination of the viewer. The gracefulness of the "sumi" ink, which cannot be re-drawn, is also comforting.


Furthermore, she has added the traditional cultural techniques of mounting and designing, which she learned from Kakoh Imagawa in 2012, to the expression of her work. This has provided a means to expand the range of design and deepen originality and creativity.

These works show that the mounting is not a complement to the ink painting, but rather a co-starring role.


In recent years, Akiko has begun to promote the appeal of sumi-e through workshops and other activities.




Akiko Tanimotoの作品はBreath-n-Brushをコンセプトにを用いた身体の息遣いを和紙の上に表現する.




そして,彼女がSun & Moon YOGAStudio in Tokyo)でヨガと出会ったことをきっかけに墨絵とヨガのコラボレーション表現へと昇華させた.


この作品を見たSun & Moon YOGAの主宰者でありヨガ・インストラクターでもある作家Leza Lowitzは自身の詩集「Yoga Heart2010年)」を出版するにあたりAkikoに挿し絵を依頼した.これがAkikoのアーティストデビューに繋がった.


Yoga Heart2010年)」出版が後押しとなって、Akikoの作品をもっと見たいという声がひろがり20132月に初の個展「Breath–n- Brush」を吉祥寺「PARADA」で開催.その後ニューヨーク、銀座、那須などで個展を開催した.