about Akiko Tanimoto



Akiko is a Japanese teacher and ink brush artist.


She is holding a workshop for you to experience a fun ink painting and also has workshops at international schools and workshops for foreigners in Japan.







The solo exhibition at SHOZO CAFFEE Tonari Gallery in Nasushiobara ended in a great success.



Her art works are in Asia Creative Art Exhibition 2018 at the National Art Center, Tokyo.




She hold her exhibition "間・ま・Ma" with a calligrapher, Tohko Iwama at Seietsudo in Ginza, Tokyo.




She hold her exhibition "Breath-n-Brush 16h28" at Ouchi Gallery in NYC.

portfolio at JCAT NY



She hold her first art exhibition "Breath-n-Brush" at Café & GalerÍa PARADA in Kichijoji, Tokyo.



The encounter with Kakou Imagawa was 2012. Thereafter, She learns Calligraphy and Hanging Scroll/Folding Screen Art under her. She produces the original decorative frameworks, like folding screens, hanging scrolls. These could add the flavor to her art and also develop a sort of rich expression.


2010 - 2011

She drew illustrations for “Yoga Heart” by her yoga instructor, her friend, and a great author Leza Lowitz.


2005 - present

She began yoga at Sun & Moon Yoga and became a dedicated student.

After taking a wide range of classes and workshops there, she realized her own physical and mental transformation.


2002 - present

She discovered the suiboku-ga (ink drawings) of Tohun Kobayashi and started drawing under his instruction.

The creativity of suiboku-ga inspires her very much.


1995 - present

She is an Instructor of Japanese language and offering private lessons for foreign businesspeople and their families in Tokyo.

For her, these lessons are very important and a constant reminder to respect the Japanese culture.


She can be reached online through Facebook (Ake no Ihori) .