A special thanks to



Leza Lowitz

She is a  successful great writer and a wonderful yoga teacher.

Her yoga classes, her words, her action, and her ideas always inspire us.

If she didn’t give me a chance, I couldn’t draw these yoga poses with Suiboku-ga this time.


小林 東雲  (Tohun Kobayashi)

He is a great artist working on a global scale and also my Suiboku-ga teacher.

He is exploring the possibility of new Ink Painting techniques and energetically engaged in activities in and out of Japan. 


Em Bettinger

Em’s yoga classes always give me a power & love.


今川佳香 (Kakou Imagawa) 

She is a wonderful carigrapher.  I learn Calligraphy and Hanging Scroll/Folding Screen Art under her.

Her works attract a lot of people in and out of Japan.



Lovely florist shop of my friend



It is a stylish company that deals with the planning and design of Japanese paper products.



This shop is a purveyor of the Imperial Household Agency and is a long-established Japanese paper specialty store founded in 1900.


Tokyo Yoga

This beautiful online magazine features stories, interviews, photo essays, and articles about yoga in Tokyo and greater Japan.


Yoga studio


Sun & Moon Yoga studio

My favorite yoga studio!